Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Do You Still Make These Cover Letter Writing Mistakes

Cover letters are an essential part of Resumes and CVs. You cannot expect to submit a CV without this critical letter and still get a call for interview. It is the very first thing that hiring managers go through to deem your CV worthy to be read or not. However, there are certain blunders that individual end up making, thus losing their interview opportunities. Let’s take a look at what are those mistakes and how you can avoid them.

. Using it to reiterate the CV. Majority of individuals who don’t know a thing about cover letter and repeat their entire CV in it. The roles of a cover letter and a CV are different. So, there is really no sense in restating the exact same thing that one already has stated in the CV. Remember that a stellar letter states a brief introduction of yourself, your skills and your objectives.

. Abundance of typos and grammatical errors is another blunder that demolishes your chances of an interview. This letter is a single-dimensional persona of you. Therefore, if you craft it carelessly and don’t amend the errors, then it will have a negative impact on the recruiter. It will represent a sloppy image of you before the recruiter.

. Submitting a mass produced letter to different companies. This is yet another blunder that individuals make when searching for a job. It is highly important to understand that this letter must be tailored according to the company. Address the recipient by his/her name so that they don’t get the idea that the letter is mass-produced.

. Writing long and boring introductions. Always remember that introductions are supposed to be concise and attractive. Recruiters don’t have time to read long introductions. Moreover, such intros also give an idea that the individual lacks the know-how of expressing themselves in an appealing manner. Therefore, always keep it precise and simple. Try to be a little more convincing than persuasive.

. Writing a letter which is not easily readable. Lack of bullet points, concise paragraphs and appropriate fonts kill your interview opportunities. The reason is the lack of clarity in the provided information. Since a recruiter doesn’t have enough time to decipher your letter to read it, he ignores it and proceeds to the next applicant.

. Not mentioning the concerned position. Individuals often forget to state the position they want to apply for. This critical blunder is just another factor why people don’t get interview calls for months. So, never forget to state the position when you apply to any company for job.

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