Wednesday, 5 December 2012

5 Must-Read Tips For Writing A Business Letter!

 Business letter writing is a common way for businesses to communicate with other business entities. A well-formatted and well-written business letter can reinforce good terms among business and ensure chances of going ahead with a project or deal. There are two basic factors that everyone must know when writing a business letter:

(1) Use formal tone and
(2) Be precise.

As with other form of writing, planning is very important when formulating a business letter. In this article, I will tell you some essentials for writing a convincing and professional business letter.

1. Outline Your Agenda
Before writing, it is important that you make an outline of agenda that you intend to address in a business letter. List down the items on a piece of paper that you plan to discuss. Then organize them in the sequence you will address in the business letter. Write them down in hierarchical order with bullet points.

2. Use Formal Tone
Employ a professional tone when writing a business letter. Do not use slang or casual words. Avoid using words or phrases like, “buddy”, “hi”, “It is my style”, “I am cool” etc. Keep away from using conversational tone that you normally write your emails and messages with. This will exude disrespect and will show you as lacking in professionalism.

3. Be Clear
Be direct and clear. Write the intent of your letter as concisely as possible. Keep it short and specific. Avoid using technical or complicated terms. Only include enough information to make your message understandable, while maintaining a formal and polite tone.

4. Pronouns
Write a business letter in the first and second person tone. In this way you will be able to build a sense of relationship with your reader. But if you are using the company’s letterhead, you should use the pronoun “we”. This will suggest that the opinions and propositions offered in the letter stand for the entire company and not just an individual.

5. Use Accurate Format
When writing a business letter, you have to be very particular about the format. A conventional business letter should include the follow important elements:
Address of the recipient

Organize your business letter around the above mentioned format. This will make your letter more refined and readable as well as show professionalism in your style.

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