Saturday, 15 December 2012

Easy Steps For Essay Writing

Free essays are regular assignments in a college. But not all students complete essay assignment. Lack of planning and organizing skills are two of the reasons among others. In this article, I will tell you the important steps for writing an essay, here they are:

Set Your Tone: Determine the tone of your essay. Is it argumentative, informative or critical?

Create Thesis Statement: Now, create a thesis statement that best defines your essay. Come up with a sentence or two that project your true standpoint on the subject.

Perform Research: If you have been using internet, then there are number of resources that offer plenty of information on a topic. From article directories and academic journal databases to encyclopedias and virtual libraries, you have an enormous amount of information available. All you need is a notebook and a pen to make notes of important information while looking through these resources.

Make An Outline: Create an outline of your assignment. You will add all the arguments in a proper essay layout. Here you will write down your main arguments in “main headers” while your supporting points will come under “sub-headers”. Follow proper structural sequence for your arguments. Use hierarchical order for organizing your points from the most important to the least one or chronological steps where time is important. Remember to add your thesis statement in ‘introductory paragraph’.

Start Writing: Now, considering your outline, begin writing your essay with the introduction of your topic. You will give a brief overview of what you are going to address in the ‘body section’. This is where you have to catch attention of the readers with interesting lines. You will establish tone of your essay here. In the body part, you will explain in detail what you stated in the ‘introductory paragraph’. In this section, you have to write main points of your topic sentence with relevant evidence and facts. You have to make smooth transitions between your arguments. Make sure to follow the proper organizational structure for the type of your essay as mentioned above.

Important Tips!
• Use proper word selection and accurate grammar to ensure high quality of writing in your assignment.
• Divide your writing tasks into different working drafts. In this way, you will be able to easily find mistakes in your work and revise them effectively.
• Never plagiarize.

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