Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Are You Using These 3 Tips For Writing A Personal Letter

 Writing a personal letter is not an easy task, especially if it is your first attempt. Even the experienced writers may find it difficult to express themselves through a personal letter. You need to use the most suitable tone when writing a personal letter that will also help you select your words. Besides, you have to use a proper format for presenting your information. Therefore, you will need some handy tips for creating such a letter in the most accurate way. This article will guide you to set your tone and write a personal letter that will convey the right message to the recipient. Here are some useful tips for accomplishing this task:

1. Figure Out The Reasons For Writing The Letter
 When you intend to write a personal letter, it is first important that you find the purpose for writing it. Consider the ideas that you want to express through it. By knowing the reasons, you will be in a better position to write a letter that will create the right message.

2. Set The Tone of the Personal Letter
 Personal letter can be written in a variety of tones, depending on your relationship with the recipient. Some letters will be more casual while other will exude a more formal tone. Consider your relationship with the recipient and adjust your tone accordingly. If he/she belongs to your family or a close friend, then you can be informal and sentimental, showing a sense of attachment between you and the recipient. But if you have a casual acquaintance with the recipient, then you should maintain a more formal tone. Employing the right tone in your letter will put across the right feeling to the recipient.

3. Write As If You Are Talking To The Recipient
 There are certain elements of writing that make it a more difficult medium to communicate than a one-on-one meeting. Use the most suitable tone and style, and only then you will be able to connect with your recipient. Therefore, it is best to write a personal letter as if you are talking to the recipient. When writing to an acquaintance, you will be a little formal than an old buddy. Always make sure if your letter sounds like as if you were talking to the person. In this way you will be able to set the right tone and style for your letter.

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