Saturday, 3 November 2012

11 Powerful Tips To Write A Compelling Copy

Copywriting task is said to be the most difficult tasks. It not only requires high quality skills, but also a spark that persuades the readers to respond quickly. Have you ever tried to write a compelling copy? Want to know how to craft in an effective manner? If yes, then let’s have a look at some of the great copywriting tips:

• One of the most important things is to keep an average sentence length not more than 16 words. Craft your copy by contrasting short and long sentences in order to maintain a nice rhythm. Also, it is good to split all the long sentences into two parts, so that they look more influencing.

• It is always good to use connecting words like ‘because’, ‘and’ or ‘so’ to hold the balance between sentences. Also, don’t use pointless words and keep your copy brief and effective.

• Use each paragraph to describe a single thought rather than mixing two or three ideas together. Break your page with bullets and subheadings to maintain readability.

• Show off is not a good technique. Don’t use such phrases or words that only sound good but decrease the overall quality of your content. Avoid using jargons that confuse the readers and compel them to leave the content.

• Use of positive and inspiring language is always appreciable. It tells the readers what they can achieve and what will you able to provide them. This practice wins the readers’ trust and persuades them to respond quickly.

• Use of powerful words helps increase the impact of your copy. Words such as revealed, breakthrough, scientific and proven are quite effective to achieve the desirable objective.

• Another significant thing is to speak your reader’s language. This will help engage them into your copy. You can read a number of target market’s newspapers and magazines to pick up the required pitch.

• Representation of facts to establish empathetic tone is another great way to grab your readers’ attention. This shows that you actually feel their inner pain and understands what they want.

• Add questions in your copy for instance, “Are you looking for an impressive guidebook that helps obtaining top SEO rankings?”

• If you engage readers’ with the help of storytelling technique, then it is quite fruitful from sales perspective. Tell them how your product or service solves the problems of your readers. This great copywriting tip will surely encourage readers’ to act promptly.

• Don’t use formal tone to converse with the readers’. Speak like if you are their friend.

 Isn’t it great to write an engaging and persuasive copy by following the above copywriting tips? Surely yes, because these tips help you gain desirable results and infinite success.

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