Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How to Write an Essay Outline

An essay is a regular paper in a college. Many students struggle when writing an essay due to lack of planning. A good essay outline can help you in this regards. It gives you a roadmap of your essay paper and gives you an organizational plan of your essay contents. A standard essay has three parts: introductions, body and conclusion. By writing an outline, you are able to see how you will fill each section of it. In the later section of article, I will give an essay outline guide for your essay paper.

Given below are some important tips that will help you write a proper outline of your essay paper:

• Introduction: An introduction is an important part of an essay. This is where you have to grab attention of the readers and convince them to read on your whole paper. In this section, you need to add interesting details of your topic and provide them with background information of your topic. Introduce your topic here.

• Body: The body is the centre stage of your essay paper. Here, you need to present main arguments of your essay with supporting details. Create a “header” and arrange your main arguments under it with sub-arguments in the “sub-headers”. Arrange your arguments in hierarchical order. Each paragraph of your essay should focus only on one argument. Add a ‘topic sentence’ with each paragraph. Do not forget to include relevant examples and facts to support your thesis.

• Conclusion: The conclusion section of your essay summarizes your whole essay. This is like a flashback of your whole essay. Arrange your main arguments in summarized form. Include a powerful sentence to finish your essay. Remember! Never introduce any new idea here. In the final analysis, it is established that an outline is an integral part of an essay paper. It is like a map of for a destination. As without a proper roadmap, you cannot reach your destination, similarly without a proper outline, you cannot write a compelling essay. Therefore, always remember the above mentioned tips when writing outline of your essay.

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