Monday, 22 October 2012

Top Tips for Excellent Writing

Writing is a skilled task; therefore it has to be learned by practicing. But there are some basic skills that everybody can learn and apply in his/her writing no matter if s/he is writing an article, research paper, report or a biography. They are:

• Carry Out Research Research is an integral part of writing. A good research can allow you to gather enough materials to write for your topic. You can go to different sources from print materials to video contents and collect relevant information to write on your topic.

 • Conduct Brainstorming Sessions Good writing needs good ideas. Regardless of how good your topic is, you must extract good ideas from it and here you will need brainstorming techniques. Conduct a brainstorming sessions with your friends and ask their viewpoint on different aspects of a topic. This will also give you a good opportunity to look at your topic with different perspectives.

• Draw Mind Maps After you have generated ideas on your topic, you need to group them in mind maps. This will help you link them together and understand them. After you have completed the idea generation process, you can proceed to actually writing your topic. Given below are some important tips that will improve your writing skills:

• Focus on the Main Idea of your Topic You just never write something, but you write on specific idea. Whether it is a biography, report, essay, dissertation, article or whatever it is; you must keep your focus on that particular idea of your topic. This is important to engage the readers with your writing and effectively convey your idea to them.

• Find your Target Audience Always write keeping in mind your targeted readers. Find out who they are, what they think, what group of age they belong to etc. This will help you locate them and mold your writing style according to their needs.

• Tie Up your Ideas Being coherent is the most important skill when writing on something. Your writing should speak as a whole. Use proper transitional words between sentences and paragraphs in order to make smooth transitions between different parts of your writing.

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